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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Song of the Nile By: Stephanie Dray

In Song of the Nile Cleopatra Selene has to face a lot of struggles.

Even though she promised to become Augustus' Cleopatra she ends up far away Rome and the family she left there.

At first her new life as a Queen of Mauretania leaves little to be desired as Selene aspires to take her rightful place on the throne of Egypt. She is willing to do anything to regain the land that her mother once lost even if its submitting to the emperor completely.

Selene knows that she must remain vital to Rome and cant fall out of the emperors favor. In order to accomplish this she becomes loved by her new subjects, makes it known that she is completely capable of ruling a kingdom and being involved in politics, and constantly supplies Rome with grain.

From the very beginning Selene knows what she wants and is willing to let nothing stand in her way even if its the love that her heart desires.

Song of the Nile was absolutely amazing!!!! This book was so good that I literally couldn't put it down, it had me staying up till 3am just dying to know what happened next!

Stephanie Dray is an extravagantly awesome author and I cant wait for the next book in the Cleopatra's Daughter Series :)

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Need By: Carrie Jones

Book Summary:

when i started to read Need the only thing i had to say about the book was that the people at Zara's school were.....interesting.....(i had no further comments). Then as i got a little more into the book i saw the whole love triangle thing going on with Zara,Nick,and Ian. There also was of course the classic bitch Megan. It was good for Zara when she started to make friends but what were all of them not telling her? what secrets are everyone that Zara is associating keeping? What do they know that she doesnt?

As for Zara's stalker i honestly thought that he would have more of an effect, more of an intimidation factor i suppose. He really didnt start carrying any weight until a good bit after i reached the middle of the book.

Honestly Zara did become a very confusing,helpless,and annoying character but she did redeem herself around the middle of the book.

I guess basically what im saying is that things start 2 get interesting after you reach somewhere around the middle of the book where everything gets absolutely crazy.

Im a little hesitant on my rating on this book since it did take a while for the book to really be able to hold my attention but i will reluctantly give this book a 4 out of 5 because the book was pretty good from around the middle to the end and that makes me want 2 know what happens in the next book Captive.:)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cleopatra's Daughter By: Vicky Alvear Shecter

Book Summary:

(Warning: This is the story of Cleopatra's Daughter Selene NOT Cleopatra even though Cleopatra does appear a few times in the begging of the book)

This book was sooooooo amazing!!! I became addicted and obsessed with this book, staying up till 3am reading nonstop. While reading I would have posted more updates on goodreads, but I knew for a fact that I was never going to be able to pull myself away from the book long enough to do so. I liked this version of Selene even though it is a version that relishes more in the royal perks than others that I have read about. This story is very well written and Vicky Alvear Shecter does a fantastic job at drawing the reader into the story and really knows how to make you believe that you are in the book (I love it when authors can accomplish that well). This book is great and I highly recommend it :D

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nevermore By: Kelly Creagh

Book Summary:

The moment i started reading Nevermore, it became addicting and I fell in love. I was drawn to Varen because he has this Bad Boy/Dark Side thing going on, and he submerses himself in mystery which I find VERY alluring. 

While reading , I constantly found myself angry with Isobel's friends for acting like complete idiots and freaking out over the smallest things that really didn't matter at all. Things escaladed to unnecessary scales because of the way that her friends acted and treated others. 

I thought it was really funny when I found out that bad boy Varen had a 9:00pm phone curfew. Varen has his moments that were at ease that i thought were really sweet. I mean for him to be able to open up to Isobel was amazing. Varen is a complete Die Hard , Heart Throb. I Love You Varen!!!! <3 

Brad's jealousy was insane through out the book , I mean who opens their girlfriends locker and goes through all their crap?! 

ANYWAY , I thought this was REALLY hot ;) 

Note from Varen to Isobel: 

Can we meet after school? My house. No parents. See you in Swanson's class. 



Notes like that come around when boyfriends become over protective , jealous jerks!!! Fellas you might think that you are trying to keep your girl when in reality you are just making your girl pull away , you know FYI. 

Nevermore was an amazing read and I highly recommend :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

City of Fallen Angels (CoFA) By: Cassandra Clare

Book Summary:

I love the characters, they are all amazing with all of their smart mouth remarks that seriously had me laughing out loud (i think people were starting to give me strange looks when i randomly started to burst out laughing):D

The suspense was insane , I was going was going crazy wondering what was driving Jace to the nightmares that made him the way he was about Clary. In every book in this series i wonder why Jace is constantly pushing Clary away but I realize that Clary sometimes needs to listen even if she doesn't like it cuz when she doesn't listen bad things happen to her and others and it's HER fault!!! (no offense Clary i still love you :D)

The Silent Bros seemed like they had allot leverage in CoFA.

The Silent Bros: Now with 65% more attitude , 45% more of telling people what to do and or telling them off , and 5 extra helpings of bitchyness. Gotta Love The Silent Bros lol :D

Simon has some trouble controlling his vampire urges in CoFA that makes for some tense "OMG" moments. He also has moments where he had some explaining to do , and had to explain fast , it freaked him out (i mean you'd be freaked to if you had to explain to your Shadowhunter girlfriend why she didnt know about your Werewolf girlfriend am i right?!).

Alec and Magnus go at it in CoFA , which made me totally sad because they are both fantastically amazing together!!!

I figured ever since i found out that they were continuing the mortal instruments series that Sebastian had to show up eventually and i was waiting the whole book to be proven right , i mean a body isnt just there one moment and suddenly not there the next for no reason.

There are scenes that are absolutely captivating because they just draw you into the story with its tension filled allure.

I am honestly still wondering when Jace going to realize that he does deserves love just as much the next person.

Long story short: I became addicted to CoFA and i highly recommend it :)

P.S: i know that you didnt have to read Clockwork Angel to understand CoFA but i honestly believe that everything has a much deeper clarity if you have read Clockwork Angel, i think you will have much more insight and realization much faster than those who have not read Clockwork Angel (BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO READ CLOCKWORK ANGEL ITS JUST AN OPTION), Just saying thought yall might want to know =D"

GO GET CoFA!!!!!