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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Need By: Carrie Jones

Book Summary:

when i started to read Need the only thing i had to say about the book was that the people at Zara's school were.....interesting.....(i had no further comments). Then as i got a little more into the book i saw the whole love triangle thing going on with Zara,Nick,and Ian. There also was of course the classic bitch Megan. It was good for Zara when she started to make friends but what were all of them not telling her? what secrets are everyone that Zara is associating keeping? What do they know that she doesnt?

As for Zara's stalker i honestly thought that he would have more of an effect, more of an intimidation factor i suppose. He really didnt start carrying any weight until a good bit after i reached the middle of the book.

Honestly Zara did become a very confusing,helpless,and annoying character but she did redeem herself around the middle of the book.

I guess basically what im saying is that things start 2 get interesting after you reach somewhere around the middle of the book where everything gets absolutely crazy.

Im a little hesitant on my rating on this book since it did take a while for the book to really be able to hold my attention but i will reluctantly give this book a 4 out of 5 because the book was pretty good from around the middle to the end and that makes me want 2 know what happens in the next book Captive.:)


  1. Hi. You asked for some comments.

    I like the clean look of the site. Easy to find things. I like the pink writing on the black. Very pretty. But i don't like the green writing for the reviews. Too hard too read. Don't care for the red either. Not sure if white would work. Or if every color on black would hurt my eyes. But nice job!

  2. thanks the for the feedback Jennifer, it really helps, i will see what i can do 2 make reading from my blog less painful lol. Anyway thanks again! :)