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Sunday, June 5, 2011

City of Fallen Angels (CoFA) By: Cassandra Clare

Book Summary:

I love the characters, they are all amazing with all of their smart mouth remarks that seriously had me laughing out loud (i think people were starting to give me strange looks when i randomly started to burst out laughing):D

The suspense was insane , I was going was going crazy wondering what was driving Jace to the nightmares that made him the way he was about Clary. In every book in this series i wonder why Jace is constantly pushing Clary away but I realize that Clary sometimes needs to listen even if she doesn't like it cuz when she doesn't listen bad things happen to her and others and it's HER fault!!! (no offense Clary i still love you :D)

The Silent Bros seemed like they had allot leverage in CoFA.

The Silent Bros: Now with 65% more attitude , 45% more of telling people what to do and or telling them off , and 5 extra helpings of bitchyness. Gotta Love The Silent Bros lol :D

Simon has some trouble controlling his vampire urges in CoFA that makes for some tense "OMG" moments. He also has moments where he had some explaining to do , and had to explain fast , it freaked him out (i mean you'd be freaked to if you had to explain to your Shadowhunter girlfriend why she didnt know about your Werewolf girlfriend am i right?!).

Alec and Magnus go at it in CoFA , which made me totally sad because they are both fantastically amazing together!!!

I figured ever since i found out that they were continuing the mortal instruments series that Sebastian had to show up eventually and i was waiting the whole book to be proven right , i mean a body isnt just there one moment and suddenly not there the next for no reason.

There are scenes that are absolutely captivating because they just draw you into the story with its tension filled allure.

I am honestly still wondering when Jace going to realize that he does deserves love just as much the next person.

Long story short: I became addicted to CoFA and i highly recommend it :)

P.S: i know that you didnt have to read Clockwork Angel to understand CoFA but i honestly believe that everything has a much deeper clarity if you have read Clockwork Angel, i think you will have much more insight and realization much faster than those who have not read Clockwork Angel (BUT YOU DONT HAVE TO READ CLOCKWORK ANGEL ITS JUST AN OPTION), Just saying thought yall might want to know =D"

GO GET CoFA!!!!!

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