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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nevermore By: Kelly Creagh

Book Summary:

The moment i started reading Nevermore, it became addicting and I fell in love. I was drawn to Varen because he has this Bad Boy/Dark Side thing going on, and he submerses himself in mystery which I find VERY alluring. 

While reading , I constantly found myself angry with Isobel's friends for acting like complete idiots and freaking out over the smallest things that really didn't matter at all. Things escaladed to unnecessary scales because of the way that her friends acted and treated others. 

I thought it was really funny when I found out that bad boy Varen had a 9:00pm phone curfew. Varen has his moments that were at ease that i thought were really sweet. I mean for him to be able to open up to Isobel was amazing. Varen is a complete Die Hard , Heart Throb. I Love You Varen!!!! <3 

Brad's jealousy was insane through out the book , I mean who opens their girlfriends locker and goes through all their crap?! 

ANYWAY , I thought this was REALLY hot ;) 

Note from Varen to Isobel: 

Can we meet after school? My house. No parents. See you in Swanson's class. 



Notes like that come around when boyfriends become over protective , jealous jerks!!! Fellas you might think that you are trying to keep your girl when in reality you are just making your girl pull away , you know FYI. 

Nevermore was an amazing read and I highly recommend :)

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